Jm Ceramics

The 3 in 1 Mug, shotglass, pipe
Rib Cook off in Sparks NV Sep 2014
I Was able to park my van right behind
the booth all 6 days. Worked great for
Traded a pipe for this spray bottle
The bottle was a great way to keep
cool in the heat.
Traded some pipes for these this. Of course it got super busy right at
lunchtime and customers kept coming into booth and buying stuff. Took about
4 hours to finish lunch.
After the Rib Cook off I went out to Fallon NV to work on some mugs with
Primo at Primo Pottery. Below are some photos of the project. I was out
there about 2 weeks and we did 250 mugs. He threw them on the wheel and
I put the faces on them. We glazed and fired them at his shop. They came
out great.
Mini Plain Two Tones
Two Tone hearts
Justin Moeller
Ceramic artist
Got this mug idea one morning after waking up with
a nasty headache. Some love it, some hate it.
Quality ceramics made in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA
The new online retail store is finally open. There's Just
pipes on it for now but I plan to add mugs and stuff to it
later. Check it out
Some old original handmade pipes